Nov 24

Monday Funday

As y’all get ready for Thanksgiving – you know the half of a work week that you fake like you’re working, and then give thanks for it – well, enjoy.

Here’s a segment I did today on The Morning Blend about how to deal with obnoxious relatives at holiday gatherings. I was nervous to go in to this one – I figured it was my intervention. But they let me leave without agreeing to any kind of therapy! SUCKERS!

We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner and this is my plan.

Love this one too. It’s a holiday week – so it’s a two-fer.

Nov 21

Cooking on the Rocks – The Elvis Oatmeal

I might have mentioned my affinity for food, warm food, and more specifically, warm sweet food. The answer to all of my affinities, first thing in the morning is The Elvis Oatmeal.

The Elvis Oatmeal. Perfect for rocking your socks off on a chilly morning.

The Elvis Oatmeal. Perfect for rocking your socks off on a chilly morning.

Make some oatmeal.

Peel a banana. With a fork, mash the banana in a bowl.

Hit that mashed banana with some cinnamon.

In the same bowl, throw in a tablespoon or however much you deem necessary of peanut butter. I’ve tried healthy peanut butter and almond butter. But the closest I can get to being healthy with peanut butter is “Natural” Skippy peanut butter.

Mash all that goodness together.

Pour or scoop, the cooked oatmeal on to that. Stir that up until you can assure your tastebuds that each bite will be as smooth and tasty as Elvis himself. If you wanna, top with a few pecans.

Eat it with joy.

Song of the Day: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis – sing it and dance in the kitchen while you make it.

Nov 19

Hair Cut – again

I blog half the time as a reminder to myself to do or not do stuff. So you’d think I’d remember to read the one where I warn myself to not cut my hair again. But I didn’t. I cut my hair. Again.

The last time apparently wasn't quite drastic enough. I think this might be like people who are addicted to tattoos or piercings. I just need the rush. I guess.

The last time apparently wasn’t quite drastic enough. I think this might be like people who are addicted to tattoos or piercings. I just need the rush. I guess.

I love it. And Ricardo loves that I love it. Max is a little not for it. And Lucy is totally against it. She apparently liked my hair long and old and stringy.

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Nov 17

Monday Funday

I posted this on my personal facebook page the other day, but couldn’t resist sharing it with you as well. I think this puts same sex marriage into perspective. If you’re at work, you might want to watch this with your headphones on. And if the kids are around – put their earmuffs on for some minor sexual references.

I don’t understand how a state can vote for same-sex marriage and then the courts repeal it. But it’s happening. Clearly, this video involves some of those lawmakers idealogy.

Full disclosure – I’ve been to a same sex wedding. It was the most sincere, thoughtful, endearing moments I was blessed to be a part of. Can’t wait to go to more, and I’ll bring the skittles.

Rock your Monday’s socks off!

Nov 14

Cooking on the Rocks – Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Instructions for life: Read a Rachael Recipe. It's doable. And it tastes good.

Instructions for life: Read a Rachael Recipe. It’s doable. And it tastes good.

Y’all are going to be getting all kinds of my Rachael Ray obsession up in here. I frikkin love her. (Pssst, Rach – call me!!!)¬† I love her books, I love her magazine, I love her show. I love her dog. I love her attitude. Her food designs wow me with flavor. I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about adding smoky bacon and starchy water to my pasta.

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Nov 12

My Writing Retreat

Just me and my writing therapy dog, Maybee for the next two weeks.

Just me and my writing therapy dog, Maybee for the next two weeks.

I started out November with some pals, committing to workout and swim 6 days a week. So far, I’m crushing it. We’re calling it No Excuses November. It’s working pretty well. And I thought to make another commitment to my writing.

I decided to declare publicly (here on this blog, and then also to my family) my own writing retreat. This great decision I think is what I’m supposed to do anyway, but I just don’t. SO, when I got a message from my pals Wade and Gary that they were having another writing retreat – I thought – I can’t go to theirs, but I can make my own here.

And then I got busy making it happen.

I have prepared for two weeks to work ahead so that I can have a week of my own private writing retreat. I have a cave to retreat to and everything. So, this week, as you read this, I’ve literally put myself in a time out. For five days (maybe ten), we’ll see how it goes. Here’s my schedule:

Wake up, kiss husband
Take kids to school
Pick up kids
Have fun with family

That’s a 5 hour block for me to write 5 days a week for the next two weeks. The preparation to have this time block has been extraordinarily with great preparation. I had all of my visits with all of my pals, scheduled all meetings and appointments. I even got the laundry done and made meals ahead of schedule. Ricardo is in charge of making me a sandwich. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Hopefully it’s not my pants.

So if you need me, leave a message!

What do you need and/or want to make time for?

Love from the Cave.

Addendum – Well, I woke up on day one of the writing retreat to snow! Um, I perfectly planned this on the calendar knowing it would be chilly, but Omaha weather went from 60 degrees to the teens literally overnight. Eff You Mother Nature. Once again, proof that nature is overrated. Sigh. Determined, I drudged¬† out to the cave to start my heater anyway. The heater, apparently a little less determined, ironically won’t heat when it’s TOO cold, below 20 degrees. So, I trekked back in the house and set up camp in front of the fire place. I have headphones and blinders on. Let’s do this.


Nov 10

Monday Funday

And you thought you had it tough at Costco the other day. Our magnetic pointing to north was off. That’s all. Well, that and as it turns out, we need complete quiet and concentration like this guy.

Is there any way I can pitch this to the grocery store? – “I’m gonna need the store to myself, complete silence.”

If I had to dive head first in the snow, have complete quiet and immense concentration¬† to “hunt” – well, we’d all starve at my house.

Face North, and keep on Rockin.
Rock your Monday’s socks off.

Nov 07

Cooking On The Rocks – Caldo Verde

It's potatoes and sausage, y'all. It's a win.

It’s potatoes and sausage, y’all. It’s a win.

I found this delicious soup recipe from one of my weight watchers books. I love their recipes. Here’s the original recipe – just click here.

This is one of our favorites. If I have the time, I make corn bread to go with it. But most of the time, I just get it going in the crock pot and go get busy living. Continue reading

Nov 05

Just when I think I’ve got it all together…the mail comes.


The next time you see one of these, consider singing “Think of Me” to your mailperson. I do.

The other day I went to pick up the kids from school and was running a little late. I know that sounds like it’s probably an everyday occurrence but actually, I usually get there early. I like to get claim a good spot on the curb and read a book.

Jr. High pick up has changed only a bit from Elementary pick up in that in Jr. High, we park and pick up in the neighborhoods near the school. At their Elementary school, parents duked it out in the tiny parking lot of the school.

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Nov 03

Monday Funday – Halloween Hangover

Someone remind me why I thought it would be a good idea to have a tween Halloween party. I bought droves of candy in lieu of costumes in bribing my kids into transitioning from trick-or-treating to handing out the candy. My plan failed epically. So, when the teen kids trick-or-treat with no costume at your house next year – it’s because their parents didn’t buy them costumes because they had some epic plan backfire on them. I don’t get it – they’re too old to take selfies with the awesome Halloween props. But young enough to trick-or-treat?

I’m still doing the mommy math. So, I called in Batman Dad to help me out.

Rock your Monday’s socks off.