Sep 17

High Jumping

photo-3This summer, Max earned second IN THE NATION at high jump. And just like his dad, my Ricardo, and just like I said with Randall Carter, I hope that he keeps going, and that it’s not his biggest accomplishment.

For Max, it certainly isn’t. I mean, I’m proud of his ability to compete. High jump, as it turns out is a super-mind game sport. Sure, it takes skill and effort. You’re competing against others, but you’re also competing against yourself. Your goal is to better your jump each meet. Inches are milestones in high jump. So, you may not win a meet, but if you set a new PR (personal record) by just an inch, well, you may as well be on the podium collecting your gold.

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Sep 12

European Vacation on the Rocks

keep-calm-and-travel-europe-6I keep coming up with big ideas. I mean, they’re not world changing, but usually budget busting. This one tops them all. We’re saving to take the kids for a family on the rocks-style European vacation.

We’ve always wanted to go to Europe. We’re to the point where the kids are developing their own lives and commitments to silly things like the arts, education, religion, and sports. The older they get, the more intense the commitment will be. They are now old enough not only to understand the magnitude of traveling to Europe. And now that they’ve taken a language, Max can order in restaurants in Germany while Lucy can order for us in France.

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Sep 10

What age 12 didn’t prepare me for

photo 3-8

Even Maybee is tired from all this birthday jubilation. And she had 7 day naps to prepare.

As noted all over this blog, in my professions of status updates on facebook, and overall vocally at any sports competition (they won’t let me in to route them on in academics, whatevs)  I really love my kids. Like, they are the coolest kids ever. So, when they asked if they could have slumber parties for their birthdays, I thought it sounded like a great idea.

As my mother sang to me over and over during my teenage years, “That’s what you get for thinking.”

As I write this, I’m working on what I think might be 2 hours of sleep. I can’t be sure because I cannot work up enough brain power to subtract.

I tried to be cool mom at 1 a.m. I really did. But by 3 a.m. I might have digressed progressed into bitchy mom. At 4 a.m. I just gave up trying in life in general. It’s not the kids’ fault I couldn’t get to sleep (sort of). I have some weird physiological deal where I cannot sleep if kids are awake in my home.

My sweet smart and funny boy turns into some weird creature when meshed in a pack of fellow tween boys. It’s louder, and stinkier and they do loud and stinky for longer. I’m pretty sure two of the kids never went to sleep. It took everything I had not to bang pots around, and run the coffee bean grinder when I woke up from my overnight nap to take my niece to a friends’ house at 6 a.m. this morning.

Boys at tweens are louder and have no clue. I know this because it was a great debate with Max as he argued with me about it at 1 a.m.

“Y’all are way too loud.”

“No we’re not, Mom!”

“Yes you are.”

“No we’re NOT.”

“Yes YOU ARE. Fix it or I’ll come down there and fix it myself.” Why I argued with him for that long is beyond me. I had earbuds in, the door shut, and was on a separate level of the house. And also, I’m the mom.

Yes, I threatened to come downstairs and get my way through humiliation of my sweet son. Not my best moment. But it worked for like 30 minutes. So, that’s good.

My first inclination maybe I wasn’t as prepared for 12 years old as I thought was when the kids snubbed our annual birthday tunes cd party favors. We always make a compilation of our favorite hits and hand them out at every party. This year they pretty much put it off until I made the playlist on my own, and then when I apparently threatened to make the cds, they begged me not to. It’s their bday, so I reluctantly relented. Another tradition gone. Dammit.

When I woke up this morning, my immediate response was that perhaps instead of the cds, a better party favor would have been handing out AXE bodyspray to each of them. Too much?  The smell of 5 sweaty boys in our apparently poorly ciruclated house is astounding.

I was shocked to hear movement and then loud boyness outside at 7:45 a.m. As soon as the boys opened their eyes, they jumped up and went outside to play basketball and I opened up the windows, turned on every ceiling fan and Scentsy in the house, and Lysol-ed the hell out of the place.

Once again, I had to beg the boys to be quieter, but this time, their sweaty loudness was outside. So, I’m trying to figure out how to explain to the neighbors if they call, “Look, put your ear buds in, I can’t take it anymore!”

Eventually the boys all went home, and I cleaned up and sterilized the house for Lucy’s slumber party. I freak out a little bit. Historically, the girls have been the louder ones with their shrieks and loud giggles. Oh God.

Just before Max goes to pass out, we announce we’re meeting Gramma and the Aunties for lunch at our favorite eatery, Panda House. Max tears up a bit. We give him the lecture about being polite and no sleeping with his head on the table while visiting with company. He obliges.

While explaining our current in between slumber parties status, Auntie Rosie says, “ARE YOU STUPID!?”

Kind of. Yeah.

But Lucy and her friends spare us. They pretty much know I’ll be all up in their business if they get too crazy. I might have threatened Lucy that I’d just hang out with them if I needed to. Girls at this age pretty much just want you to serve the cake and then leave them alone. There was one incident at midnight where they were raiding our kitchen and slamming every cabinet. I asked her to stop, and she did.

Our house is fairly old, and you can hear every thing going on throughout the house. So, it’s not totally the kids’ faults. And aside from the once a year double slumber parties, its actually a pretty good security system.

I survived another double birthday party. But barely.

Maybe next year, we’ll do something different. I’m pretty sure I said that last year.

Keep on Rocking.

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Sep 04

Happy Birthday to my babies!

dundermifflincake copyThe kids pick how they want their birthday cakes. Max picked The Office.  It’s a testament to my motherhood style and skillllllz.

People ask me what’s the best age. I always say, it’s whatever age they are at that very moment. Yesterday it was 11 years old. Today, it’s 12 years old.

I was told to cherish them as babies for as long as I could. I did. It was awesome. From that first step they took, to when they grab your hand and lead the way – that’s where the awesome kicks in. I think it’s a blessing of just having the twins – I cherish every moment, but they’ve set the pace for moving on to the next moment. It’s a fast pace, I just try to keep up eager with what’s next. Today, I side-hugged Lucy and kissed on the cheek and realized, I didn’t have to bend over.  And that freaked me out a little bit. Oh God, I’m going to have to lean up too soon. Continue reading

Aug 22

What the hell is ALS?

I’ve been frustrated with the fact that more people know how to pour a bucket of ice over their heads for the social media frenzy than we know what ALS is. I mean, I could ask any person in the nation who can speak, “What is this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?” And I’d get the answer. Every school kid could tell me about it. And in some way, someone would say, “It’s to raise money and awareness for ALS.”

And we’re doing it with the money. Last I checked the #ALSIceBucketChallenge has raised more than $51 million. And it keeps going.

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Aug 20

Hair On the Rocks – Again. (And probably again after that.)

Mom On The Rocks Makeover
This is my pretty long hair. See where this is going?

Apparently this blog holds an entire series on hair. Here is what a simple search on Mom On The Rocks for “hair” will get you, click here.

I text my hair mistress and tell her I’ve been growing my hair out and it’s time. It’s time to whack it off. I remind her that after she cut my sweet pixie cut, I’d love it for a while and then inevitably profess my love and commitment to growing my hair out. I’ve been loyal and fervent in my hair growing outting. Maybe not a pixie cut this time, but let’s cut it. She gets me in for an appointment that week.
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