Oct 22

Swimming on the Rocks

write about how courtney got you back in to swimming after a brief hiatus (link blog where you say you’re not working out at all)

Oct 20

Monday Funday!

This year, the kids aren’t trick-or-treating. We’ve promised them candy though. So, don’t turn us in just yet.  But you might want to consider a few of these guys. I never had the heart to do this. But, apparently enjoy watching other parents make their kids cry. I couldn’t pick between two videos, so I’m posting both.

Happy Monday!

Oct 15

Mother Daughter Roadtrip!

This is my view for 700 miles.

This is my view for 700 miles.

Today, Lucy and I are hitting the open road to go back to Texas. WTAMU is having a Volleyball Alum gig, and I don’t know what I’m more excited about, to see all of my friends and WT family, for Lucy to meet them, or for them to get to meet my extraordinary daughter.

I know our 10-hour roadtrip will be a fun bonding experience. We’re both conspiring on coffee stops and road trip food. French onion dip and potato chips are high on the list. We’ll have some much needed and cherished time together on the road.

Max and Ricardo are staying home for Max’s basketball practice and a game. I hesitantly pulled out of the driveway when I heard the phrase “Mancation” mentioned.

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Oct 10

Friday Foodie on the Rocks – Zucchini Boats

FullSizeRender-7I’ve been back to cooking again. Like, a lot. I love to re-interpret recipes, and since I’ve switched to the Food Network over HGTV, everyone seems to be fed well lately. And whoever came up with the concept of merging a talk show with a food show, God Bless Your Soul. I am in love with The Chew. Don’t get me started about the joy Rachael Ray brings me. And I was watching Chopped the other day, while making mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes, y’all. They were frikkin delicous. Let me be clear that I never write my own recipes. What I do is I find one, and I change it based on one or more of the following things: Continue reading

Oct 08

How I ended up with an effn cat.

preparing-to-meet-the-new-dog-cat-memeOh, believe it, I’m now the owner of a cat. A black cat, no less. Back when I was playing volleyball in college, I was super superstitious. So much that one time I opened my apartment door to head to a game, and I saw a black cat walk right across my path. I did what any other rational superstitious athlete would do. I shut the door and crawled out my back window. Duh.

And here I am hauling a black frikkin cat across my path for 750 miles. What the hell just happened?

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Oct 01

One Year Anniversary of breaking up with my kidney and her moving on to a way better relationship


A year ago I was able to blame surgery on my bad hair day. Not sure what I'll blame it on today. Then again, I don't really care! Maybe it's because I'm 40 and I'm awesome, I dunno.

A year ago I was able to blame surgery on my bad hair day. Not sure what I’ll blame it on today. Then again, I don’t really care! Maybe it’s because I’m 40 and I’m awesome, I dunno.

A year ago today, I had the honor of donating my kidney to my friend.

People ask how I’m recovering – I’ve completely recovered. My scar doesn’t so much as itch anymore, and I sometimes forget that I even did it. Physically, it’s as if it never happened. I feel that good. Possibly better because I have such a great outlook on life and what we’re each capable of doing. Don’t go telling me I need to be more involved in my community. I mean, I’m literally a part of someone else, and it’s not even one of my kids. How’s that for community involvement? I’d suggest that I’ve gained a false sense of confidence, but then again, I don’t think it’s that false at all. I’m so happy and pleased with the outcome of the entire situation. Continue reading

Sep 17

High Jumping

photo-3This summer, Max earned second IN THE NATION at high jump. And just like his dad, my Ricardo, and just like I said with Randall Carter, I hope that he keeps going, and that it’s not his biggest accomplishment.

For Max, it certainly isn’t. I mean, I’m proud of his ability to compete. High jump, as it turns out is a super-mind game sport. Sure, it takes skill and effort. You’re competing against others, but you’re also competing against yourself. Your goal is to better your jump each meet. Inches are milestones in high jump. So, you may not win a meet, but if you set a new PR (personal record) by just an inch, well, you may as well be on the podium collecting your gold.

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